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A save state, in a virtualization context, is a way to store the current state of a virtual machine so that is possible to return to that state quickly when desired. This could be a way for future generations to enjoy some of the world's dwindling organisms.

Are save states a truly human experience or some kind of liminal space between life and death? Will we be able to preserve our wonders naturally or will future generations be dependant on the creation of save states?

This piece raises the question; is preservation a sincere homage to memory or a sanitized replica of a moment in time. The encased flowers represent the lack of habitat and environmental stressors on honeybee populations. The bees as a whole are representative of all of nature's beauty and our hope that we'll be able to preserve them in both our natural and digital worlds.

This composition juxtaposes analog and digital styles to represent the paradox we know as save states.

Ten percent of funds used on this work will be donated to the https://worldbeeproject.org

Full high quality video with audio can be viewed here.

Post Shoot Final Shot

Behind the scenes preproduction. 

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